PIDC Submission Forms


All samples that we receive in the ISU Plant & Insect Diagnostic Clinic must be accompanied by a completed sample submission form. If mailing a sample, consider placing the form in a sealable plastic baggie to prevent it from getting damaged. 

The quality of the diagnosis you receive is determined by the quality of the sample we receive and the information on the submission form. We highly recommend reviewing the sample submission guidelines for your sample type. 

Costs associated with various sample types are specified on the sample submission form and range from $10.00 to $40.00, with optional tests incurring additional fees in some cases. Additional testing is only done with the consent of the client as it incurs added costs. DO NOT send payment with your sample. You will receive a bill after diagnostics are complete for your sample. 

Out-of-state clients: Please contact us prior to sending a sample and note that samples from outside of Iowa have a surcharge. (515-294-0581)

Plant health and insect ID submission form 

For plant health analyses and identification of arthropods/insects, etc.

Agronomic nematode submission form 

For sending soil samples for soybean cyst nematode or corn nematode analyses