Plant Problem Sample Submission

We strive to rapidly diagnose your plant problem. Including diseases caused by pathogens, noninfectious disorders and insect damage in plants. Remember we do NOT test for herbicide residue in plants. We do NOT test for nutrients in soil samples.

Contact us before submitting an out-of-state sample for fees and restrictions

Proper samples and as much information as possible in the submission form is very important to reach an accurate diagnosis of the problem. Please print and complete a submission form to include it with your sample.  Digital photos along with the sample are highly appreciated.

Our reports are sent out via email (we can mail a report if you do not have email but there will be a delay in you receiving results).  In your report you will receive:

  • A brief description of our findings and test performed
  • General information about the plant pathogen or causal agent of the symptoms  
  • Resources with general information about integrated pest management options available to manage the problem in your diagnosis 

Submission form and fee

Plant problem samples ($25 fee*) – disease, insect, disorders (suspected herbicide or other abiotic problems). Please download and print the Sample Submission Form

* Fee is for standard morphological and microscopic diagnosis. Additional fees may apply for specialized media, molecular and serological-based diagnostic methods. Molecular and serological-based diagnostic methods may be available for additional fee, see details at by plant type below. We will contact you before any additional testing. 

Specific Submission Instructions by Plant Type (click on the plant type name)