Submitting Tree and Small Fruits

Observe symptoms and patterns, document what you see with pictures while inspecting the plants, and share your photos with us.

Download and fill out our form as completely as possible. 

  • Provide background information, such as when the symptom first appeared, variety, pattern, and distribution of the problem.
Example of proper sample from tree fruits
Example of proper tree fruit sample

Collect several samples:

  • Select symptoms representative of what you see in the field. Include symptoms that are starting, developing and developed.
    • Avoid samples with advanced symptoms or completely wilted or dead plant/tissue. 
  • Wrap specimens (twigs with leaves attached, branches and/or fruit) in clean, absorbent material (such as paper towels) to absorb all leaks. Do not add moisture.
  • Please note in your submission form if you see cankers (sores in twigs, branches or trunk) or a gummy material oozing from them. Collect these branches as a sample when possible. Avoid sending detached leaves as they dry out very quickly.
  • For wilts, root rot or cankers on small fruit, tree fruit, and vines/bines, whole* plants may be needed
    • Include the whole* plant with the root system intact, dislodge the soil and enclose the root ball on a bag. Bag the roots and seal at the soil line with a twist tie or a rubber band. Use another bag for the aerial plant parts (optional), but do not cut the root ball off, see small fruit proper sample photo example. [whole* = crown, root, and trunk- including about of foot or more of aerial parts]
  • Do not add paper towels or water along with the sample. Excess moisture can cause rapid deterioration of the sample and proliferation of secondary organisms.
  • Pack your wrapped sample tightly in a box to prevent dislodging the soil. Ship the package early in the week via overnight delivery. Walk-ins are welcome!
Example of proper small fruit sample
Example of proper small fruit plant sample

Additional tests available

Please note, to request the services below, use the box on our form titled “I give my approval for additional testing fees. (Plant problem diagnosis ONLY)”. We also recommend contacting us before submitting a sample for serological testing to ensure that we have the supplies on hand. 

Perform rapid serological tests 

  • ELISA assays- ApMV -Apple Mosaic Virus.  For a limited time, please contact us before submitting a sample. * Cost: additional $25 + Standard Fee, total cost $55  *Time to result: 5 business days 

When testing in bulk for specific test not listed above, we may be able to make arrangements to provide a specific service in 15 to 18 business days. *Please note, we do not keep many virus serological tests on hand due to very limited inquiries. If we cannot provide the specific testing needed, there may be testing available from other laboratories or companies. Please contact us for further details. 

Perform DNA testing 

  • Apple/Pear Fire blight. Cost: additional $10, total cost $30 * Time to result:10 business days  * submit 5- 10 fresh symptomatic (blighted) blossom, shoot and fruits. 
  • Hops downy mildew. Cost: additional $20, total cost $40 * Time to result: 10 business days *submit 5-10  yellow and curled spikes