Conifer Sample Submission

To submit a sample for a conifer problem simply select some symptomatic tissue just starting to show the symptoms of the problem, but not completely dead. Fill out our submission form with as much information as possible and include it with the sample. Below are two types of samples that we request.

One common sample we receive in the clinic is for needlecast diseases. The picture below illustrates good versus bad samples for needlecast testing:

Another Common sample is for pine wilt testing. Pine wilt requires branches that are at least 2 inches in diameter and at least a foot long. We cannot test for pine wilt with small branches or needles:

Getting the sample to us:

Samples can either be dropped off in person at the clinic or mailed to us.


Place the sample either directly into a box, or into a plastic bag then into a box. DO NOT add water to the sample. Try to send samples early in the week so that the sample does not sit over the weekend. 

Not sure what sample to send? Click the button below to access an interactive conifer disease key to help you determine what your problem wmight be and what type of sample is necessary for diagnostics. 

General pictures of the tree (location, whole plant appearance) and specific ones (twig, leaves and trunk close-ups, canker or cracks, in limbs and the base of the plant, etc.) would be appreciated. Pictures can be sent to us via email ( or text (515-599-1095), please include your name and information when you send us photos. You can also contact us via email, and we can guide you through sample submission.