Rose Mosaic

Rose Mosaic is a viral disease. Virus diseases are seldom lethal, but they may cause stunted growth. Infected plants are weakened, which makes them more susceptible to winter injury or other problems.Leaf exhibiting symptoms of rose mosaic virus


The symptoms are varied, but often include yellow (chlorotic) line patterns, yellowing that occurs in circles (ringspots), or irregular areas of yellow and dark green tissue, giving mottled appearance. Stunted plant growth also may occur.


Rose mosaic is spread when infected plants are used for grafting. Neither insects nor pruning shears are known to carry the virus from one plant to another. Thus, the best way to avoid virus problems is to purchase healthy plants from a reputable supplier. Roses with virus diseases cannot be “cured.” Control options include removing symptomatic plants or tolerating them if their growth is acceptable.

Last reviewed:
June 2023

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