Lawn and Garden Spending Reached a Reported $36.1 Billion Dollars in 2015

The National Gardening Survey conducted by National Gardening Market Research reports that consumer spending for gardening jumped last year by more than 25% to $401 per household, up from a low of $317 in 2014. An estimated 90 million households, approximately 75% of all households, participated in gardening and landscaping activities (rather than hiring someone else to do it). 
Food gardening and flower gardening topped the list of categories in which home gardeners invested. Total spending for vegetables, fruits and herbs was estimated at $3.6 billion, while $2.7 was spent on flower gardening. The survey also noted that of the 6 million people new to gardening, 5 million were millennials, boding well for the long-term future of horticulture.


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