Welcome New Clinic Plant Pathologist

The ISU Plant & Insect Diagnostic Clinic is pleased to welcome our newest member, Dr. Lina Rodriguez Salamanca, as the head Plant Disease Diagnostician.  Lina joins Dr. Laura Jesse (Entomologist) and Ed Zaworski (Plant Pathologist-Nematologist) in the clinic. 
Lina received her Masters and PhD degrees at Michigan State University in Dr. Mary Hausbeck's laboratory.  Lina worked on soil-borne diseases of asparagus and foliar pathogens of onion and celery. Lina has a microbiology background and will bring those skills to the PIDC and increase our use of molecular methods to diagnose plant diseases. 
During her PhD studies and after graduating Lina worked as a commercial vegetable crops educator for MSU Extension where she worked closely with vegetable growers developing a wide variety of educational methods to teach about plant disease and disease management strategy as part of an IPM program.
Please help us welcome Lina Rodriguez to the Diagnostic Clinic team.


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