Guide to Starting Seed Indoors


Mid-March is the best time to start many vegetables and annual flowers indoors for transplanting outside once the threat of frost has passed.  Below are resources available to help with the process. 

Regardless of what type of seed you're growing, to have the best success, follow these basic tips:

  • Start with fresh seed and clean materials. 
  • Consult the package to determine how early to start the seed indoors - do not start the seed too early. 
  • Provide abundant light. 
  • Do not over or under water.
  • Raise the humidity during germination.
  • If possible, warm the germination mix/soil. 

More details about starting seeds indoors can be found below.

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Guides & Articles About Seed Starting 

Sowing Seed in Plug Tray.  Photo by Adobe Stock
How to Successfully Start Seed Indoors
Starting Seed Indoors.  Photo by Adobe Stock
Supplies for Starting Seeds Indoors
Seedlings in recycled container. Photo by Adobe Stock
Containers for Starting Seeds
Hardening Plants Outdoors.  Photo by Adobe Stock
Selecting, Hardening, and Planting Bedding Plants
seed stored in air tight containers
How to Store Seeds and Test Germination Rates
Seed Packets
Sources for Annual and Vegetable Seeds
germinating seedling. Photo by Adobe Stock
Germination Requirements for Annuals and Vegetables


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Frequently Asked Questions About Starting Seeds Indoors

Planning and Selecting Seed FAQs

Set-ups and Care for Germinating Seed FAQs

Addressing Issues or Challenges with Seed Starting FAQs

Hardening-Off and Transplanting Outside FAQs

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