Common and Popular Succulent Species

Ox Tongue (Gasteria 'Flow')

Succulents are a diverse group of plants and there are many different species to choose from. Outlined below are common and popular species of succulents.  Species are listed in groups based on their overall growth habit or use.  Within each group species are listed by relative size from smallest to largest.  For some genera or species, the size varies widely. 

Propagation methods listed are the best and/or easiest forms for vegetative propagation for that species which could include, stem cuttings (S), leaf cuttings (L), or offsets/division (O).

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Rosette Forms

Common NameScientific NameFamilyPropagation Method
Living StonesLithopsAizoaceaeO
StonecropSedumCrassulaceaeS, L
Hens and ChicksSempervivumCrassulaceaeO
MoonstonesPachyphytumCrassulaceaeL, S
Ghost PlantGraptopetalumCrassulaceaeL, S
Pig’s EarCotyledon orbiculataCrassulaceaeS
Pinwheel Desert RoseAeoniumCrassulaceaeS

Upright Forms

Common NameScientific NameFamilyPropagation Method
Zebra PlantHaworthiaAsphodelaceaeO
Ox TongueGasteriaAsphodelaceaeO
AloeAloe veraAsphodelaceaeO
Snake Plant, Mother-in-law’s TongueSansevieria (Dracaena)AsparagaceaeO
Pencil CactusEuphorbia tirucalliEuphorbiaceaeS
Candelabra PlantEuphorbia lacteaEuphorbiaceaeS
False AgaveManfredaAsparagaceaeO
Century PlantAgave americanaAsparagaceaeO

Rounded Forms

Common NameScientific NameFamilyPropagation Method
Mother of ThousandsBryophyllum daigremontianumCrassulaceaeO
Panda PlantKalanchoe tomentosaCrassulaceaeL, S
Blue Chalk SticksSenecio mandraliscaeAsteraceaeS
Jade PlantCrassula argenteaCrassulaceaeL, S

Trailing Forms

Common NameScientific NameFamilyPropagation Method
String of ButtonsCrassula perforataCrassulaceaeS, L
String of PearlsSenecio rowleyanusAsteraceaeS
String of BananasSenecio radicansAsteraceaeS
Burro’s TailSedum morganinumCrassulaceaeS, L

Grown Primarily for Flowers

Common NameScientific NameFamilyPropagation Method
KalanchoeKalanchoe blossfeldianaCrassulaceaeS, L
Desert RoseAdeniumApocynaceaeS
Fishbone Cactus, Ric Rac CactusEpiphyllum (Disocactus) anguligerCactaceaeS, O
Holiday CactusSchlumbergeraCactaceaeS
Crown of ThornsEuphorbia miliiEuphorbiaceaeS
Orchid CactusEpiphyllum (Disocactus)CactaceaeS, O


Common NameScientific NameFamilyPropagation Method
Grafted CactusGymnocalycium mihanovichii friedrichiiCactaceaeO
Nipple Cactus, Pincushion CactusMammillariaCactaceaeO
Golden Ball CactusNotocactusCactaceaeO
Old Man CactusCephalocereus senilisCactaceaeO
Prickly Pear, Bunny EarsOpuntiaCactaceaeO
Barrel CactusEchinocactus grusoniiCactaceaeO

More Information

Burro's Tail (Sedum morganianum)
Barrel Cactus (Echinocactus grusonii)
Echeveria (Echeveria)
Sansevieria (Dracaena trifasciata laurentii)
Mother of Thousands (Kalanchoe delagoense (syn: Bryophyllum delagoense))





Ghost Plant (Graptopetalum)
Last reviewed:
August 2023