All About Roses

Roses (Rosa sp.) are the quintessential garden plant.  Their beautiful blooms, wonderful fragrance, and captivating history make them a favorite in Iowa gardens.  

Below is an outline of all the resources available on growing, caring for, using, and enjoying roses in Iowa.

Rose Garden
Growing Roses in Iowa
Rosa rugusa 'Ames'
Rose Types and Cultivars for Iowa
Carefree Beauty Rose
A Brief History of the Rose
Rose hips
How to Select and Use Roses in the Garden
How to Prune Roses


Rose with frost on petals
How to Overwinter Roses in Iowa
Bare Root Roses By Paul Maguire AdobeStock_382628240
How to Plant and Transplant Roses in Iowa


Rose propagation By Kokhan O AdobeStock_666979470
How to Propagate Roses


Rose with Japanese beetle on flower
Pests and Disease of Roses


Rose garden
Rose FAQs


Caring for Roses in Iowa Pub
Caring for Roses in Iowa


Miniature Roses pub
Miniature Roses 


Griffith Buck Roses pub
The Griffith Buck Roses


Griffith Buck rose hybridizer pub
Griffith Buck Rose Hybridizer


Roses for the home pub
Roses for the Home


common rose diseases pub
Common Rose Diseases


rose cut flower
Flowers and Their Meanings: The Language of Flowers


Carolina Rose By ChrWeiss AdobeStock_182201768
State Flower of Iowa
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November 2023