Where should I plant spring-blooming bulbs?


Where should I plant spring-blooming bulbs?


Light Requirements

Most bulbs should be planted in a full or part-sun location. Early blooming bulbs are often successful beneath a high branched deciduous tree because they usually flower before the tree fully leafs out. After the bulbs have finished flowering, many can tolerate the light shade from trees.

Soil Requirements

Nearly all bulbs require well-drained soils. Poorly drained or wet soils often cause decline and rot,making them short-lived in the garden. Amend poor soils before planting by incorporating organic matter, such as compost or peat. 

Planting Arrangement & Companion Plants

Plant spring-flowering bulbs in clusters or groups to achieve the greatest visual impact in the garden. When planting large bulbs, such as daffodils or tulips, plant five or more bulbs of the same variety in an area. Smaller growing plants, such as grape hyacinths and crocuses, should be planted in drifts of 25 or more bulbs. Bulbs planted alone or in rows do not look as good in the garden as large sweeps or drifts of color. For a naturalized look, simply toss handfuls of bulbs in the garden and plant them where they land.

Consider planting them with ornamental grasses, hosta, daylily, and other perennials that will grow up later in the season and hide the foliage of the bulbs as it yellows. Select a location where their early blooms can be seen and appreciated such as along commonly used walkways or near the front door. Bulbs with different bloom times can be mixed together for a long-lasting display.

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March 19, 2024