When can I plant grapevines in my garden?


When can I plant grapevines in my garden?


The best time to plant dormant, bare-root grapevines in Iowa is early spring (late March and April).  If planting must be delayed for several days after purchase or their arrival in the mail, moisten the packing material around their roots, place the plants in a plastic bag, and store them in a cool root cellar or garage. 

Before planting bare-root grapevines, soak their roots in water for two or three hours.  Make the planting holes slightly larger than the root systems of the plants.  Set plants into the soil at about the level they grew in the nursery.  The soil line mark and root initials indicate this level.  Spread out their roots, then backfill with the original soil from the hole.  Firm the soil around the roots as you backfill. 

Container grown grapevines can occasionally be found at garden centers.  Actively growing container grown grapevines should be planted after the danger of frost is past.  Home gardeners can continue to plant container grown grapevines until early summer.  When planting, place the grapevines at the same depth as they are growing in the container. 

Plant grapevines 6 to 8 feet apart within the row.  Plant vigorous varieties, such as Concord, 8 feet apart.  Less vigorous varieties may be planted 6 feet apart.  Space rows at least 9 feet apart. 

Grapevines require 1 inch of water per week through the first growing season.  Water each plant thoroughly after planting and every 7 to 10 days during dry weather. 

Last updated on
December 22, 2021