What is the proper way to deadhead roses?


What is the proper way to deadhead roses?


Deadheading or the removal of faded flowers is done to encourage additional bloom on hybrid tea and other repeat-flowering roses.  Hybrid tea roses usually have one or two 3-leaflet leaves immediately below the flower.  Next (lower down on the stem) are two or more 5-leaflet leaves.  The deadheading procedure is different for newly planted and established roses.  During their first growing season, it’s usually recommended that the spent flower be removed above the uppermost 3-leaflet leaf.  Removal of a larger percentage of the rose’s foliage reduces the plant’s ability to manufacture food and slows growth.  When deadheading established roses, the stem may be cut back to a 5-leaflet leaf.  Retain at least two 5-leaflet leaves on each shoot.  Use sharp tools (hand shears or knife) to remove faded flowers.  Cut about 1/4 inch above an outward facing bud and leaflet with the cut made parallel to the angle of the leaflet.  

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Last updated on
June 30, 2023