What is a good planting site for grapevines?


What is a good planting site for grapevines?


Planting Conditions

Grapevines can be grown on a wide range of soil types.  Best growth and yields are obtained in well-drained soils.  Avoid soils that are persistently wet during the growing season.  Highly fertile soils are not essential.  Grapevines tolerate a wide soil pH range.  A slightly acidic soil with a pH of 6.0 to 6.5 is preferred, but the vines grow well with a pH from 5.5 to 7.5. 

Because of space restrictions, planting sites are often limited in a home garden.  Select a site that receives full sun.  Avoid sites that are heavily shaded by trees and shrubs. 

Grapes and Broadleaf Herbicides

Gardeners should also consider the possibility of herbicide drift.  Grapes are very susceptible to injury from 2,4-D and similar broadleaf herbicides.  In rural areas, select sites protected from herbicide drift by large trees (windbreak) or topography.  In urban areas, inform neighbors of the location of your grape planting.  If your neighbors apply broadleaf herbicides to their lawns, encourage them to apply these materials in the fall.  Fall applications provide the best broadleaf weed control and are less likely to injure grapevines. 

Last updated on
February 19, 2022