What are the cultural requirements for New Guinea impatiens?


What are the cultural requirements for New Guinea impatiens?


New Guinea impatiens perform best in locations that receive morning sun and afternoon shade.  Eastern exposures are often best.  Plants that receive too much sun don’t bloom well (flowers are smaller and fewer in number) and may have damaged foliage. 

New Guinea impatiens require moist, well-drained soils.  They do not like wet or dry soils.  In wet soils, plants are prone to root rots.  Plants wilt badly in dry soils.  While wilted plants recover quickly when watered, moisture stress results in the abortion of flower buds and fewer flowers.  It may also cause browning of leaf margins and leaf drop. 

New Guinea impatiens are not fond of cool night temperatures.  It’s usually best to plant them outdoors about 2 weeks after the average last spring frost.  When planting, set New Guinea impatiens at the same depth as they are currently growing. 

In regards to watering, frequently check plants growing in hanging baskets and other containers.  Water plants when the soil surface becomes dry.  It may be necessary to water plants in containers on a daily basis during hot, windy weather.  A deep soaking once a week should be sufficient for plants growing in landscape beds. 

Last updated on
February 21, 2022