There are some tiny bugs on my Christmas tree. What should I do?


There are some tiny bugs on my Christmas tree. What should I do?


Aphids and spiders are the two most commonly found pests on fresh-cut Christmas trees.  In both cases, adults that were on the trees back in late summer or fall laid eggs on the stems or needles.  These eggs normally remain dormant through the inhospitable weather of winter, but they hatch when they become sufficiently warmed by heat within the house.  An infestation may vary from just a few to several hundred individuals.  Newly hatched insects and spiderlings are very small (approximately 1/16th inch). 

None of the insects or spiders that emerge after being carried in on a fresh-cut tree will cause any harm or damage to the tree, the house, the furnishings, or the occupants.  They cannot bite or sting and they will not live long enough to grow or multiply.  The tiny insects or spiderlings are simply an annoyance. 

An application of an insecticide to fresh-cut Christmas trees is not necessary or recommended.  The insects and spiders will quickly die of starvation or desiccation, whichever comes first.  If newly hatched insects or spiders are found on the floor or other areas around the tree, simply vacuum them up and discard them.

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Last updated on
December 1, 2022