My African violets aren't blooming well. Why?


My African violets aren't blooming well. Why?


The African violets may not be receiving adequate light.  The proper amount of light is essential for good bloom.  Generally, windows with north or east exposures are best for African violets.  However, if these exposures are not possible, they also perform well under fluorescent lights.  Suspend fluorescent lights 8 to 10 inches above plants.  The lights should be lit for 12 to 16 hours per day. 

Excessive fertilization could also be responsible for the poor bloom.  African violets need to be fertilized to promote bloom.  However, excessive fertilization leads to vigorous vegetative growth and poor flowering.  Using a complete, water soluble fertilizer, apply a dilute fertilizer solution once every 2 weeks in spring, summer, and fall.  Fertilization usually isn’t necessary during the winter months. 

Last updated on
February 27, 2022