How do you plant blueberries?


How do you plant blueberries?


Early spring is the best time to plant dormant, bare-root blueberries.  Soak the roots of bare-root plants in water for about an hour before planting.  Prune back the plants by half by removing the small side branches and by heading back the main branches.  

Potted or container grown blueberries can be planted from spring to mid-summer.  Little or no pruning should be necessary.  Carefully slide off the container just prior to planting.  

When planting, dig a wide, shallow hole.  Set the plant at the same depth as it grew in the nursery or pot.  When using sphagnum peat moss to acidify the soil, backfill with a mixture that is half soil and half moistened peat moss.  (Moisten dry peat moss before mixing with soil.)  If not amending the soil with sphagnum peat moss, backfill with the original soil.  After planting, thoroughly water each blueberry plant.  Highbush blueberries should be spaced 4 to 6 feet apart.  A 3- to 4-foot spacing is adequate for the smaller half-high blueberries. 

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March 20, 2024