How do I purchase high-quality bulbs?


How do I purchase high-quality bulbs?


High-quality spring blooming bulbs are large, firm, solid, and purchased from quality retailers, both in-store and online.

Select Firm, Solid Bulbs

When buying bulbs, select only firm, solid bulbs for planting. Avoid bulbs that are shriveled or lightweight. Bulbs that are discolored by mold or that contain soft spots should also be avoided.

Bigger is Better

Size matters when selecting bulbs. The bigger the bulb the better the flower display. Smaller bulbs often bloom but you get more bang for your buck with the larger bulbs.

Purchase from Good Retailers

Bulbs can be purchased from garden centers, greenhouses, nurseries, big box stores and many online retailers. These plants have the advantage of transporting and shipping easily, making mail order sources great options, especially to find unusual or hard-to-find species and cultivars.

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Last updated on
March 19, 2024