How do I prune trumpet vine?


How do I prune trumpet vine?


Trumpet vine (Campsis radicans) can be pruned at any time of the year. Although late winter or early spring when the vine is not covered in leaves can make the task easier.  Without regular pruning, trumpet vine can quickly become overgrown.  Trumpet vines have been known to damage a home's siding and break windows.

Trumpet creeperControlling the vine may be a difficult task. Trumpet vine has a suckering growth habit. Suckering plants produce new shoots from their roots. These new shoots may spring up several feet away from the original vine. Use a spade to dig out the unwanted plants. Persistence is the key as new plants will continue to emerge.
If you want to kill your plant, cut the vines off at ground level and carefully paint the cut ends of the vine with Round-Up, then repeat as needed.

It usually takes about five or six years for the vine to reach mature blooming stage. Trumpet vine can be a beautiful addition to your yard if used properly. The bright orange or yellow flowers do attract hummingbirds and provide a nice seasonal screen or backdrop.

Last updated on
March 6, 2024