How do I control weeds in my strawberry patch?


How do I control weeds in my strawberry patch?


Weed control is essential to insure optimal plant growth and fruit production.  Weeds compete with the strawberry plants for water, nutrients, and sunlight.  Weeds also reduce air circulation which results in fruit and foliage staying wet for longer periods.  Disease problems are more serious when plant tissue remains wet for long periods of time. 

Cultivation, hand pulling, and mulching are the most practical weed control measures for home gardeners.  Cultivate often, but shallow, to control weeds.  Destroy the weeds before they have a chance to flower and produce seeds.  Clean, weed-free straw and other organic materials can be applied as a mulch between plant rows.  Herbicides are not a viable option as few, if any, herbicides can be used on home strawberry plantings. 

Last updated on
March 3, 2022