How do I care for ornamental grasses?


How do I care for ornamental grasses?


Ornamental grasses are low-maintenance perennials. Most thrive in sunny sites and there are species that can grow in dry, well-drained, or wet soils. While small in the nursery, many can get quite large in just a couple of years, so check the labels carefully for mature size and site preferences. Once established, grasses need minimal care requiring watering only in times of drought. Ornamental grasses rarely need fertilizer. If growth is pale, weak, or floppy, scatter some granular fertilizer around them in the spring.

Let grasses and their ornamental flower heads stand all winter. Even when tan and dead, they are quite attractive after a snowfall. Cut back ornamental grasses in early spring before the new growth appears. Division is sometimes necessary to keep ornamental grasses thriving in the landscape. If the center of the clump begins to thin or die out, divide in early spring just as the new growth appears.

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March 19, 2024