How do I care for Kalanchoe?


How do I care for Kalanchoe?


Kalanchoe grows well in bright indoor locations.  Keep at moderate temperatures (45-65 °F at night and 50-70 °F during the day).  Keeping plants on the cool side will help prolong flower life.  Allow the soil to dry between waterings but not to the point of wilt.  Good drainage is essential, so never allow containers to sit in sleeves full of water.  

KalanchoePlants can be saved and forced into rebloom, although the process is difficult for some home gardeners.  The kalanchoe is a short-day plant. Plants require short day lengths (long nights) for flower bud development. In October, place the kalanchoe in a room where the lights are not turned on at night, with the plant receiving only natural light during the day. Six weeks of 14-hour nights are required for flower buds to form. Proper temperatures during this period are 65-70 °F during the day and 60-65 °F at night. 

Because the reblooming process can be difficult, plants can be discarded after bloom.

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March 19, 2024