Can muskmelons be started indoors?


Can muskmelons be started indoors?


For an earlier crop, muskmelons can be started indoors.  Sow seeds indoors 3 to 4 weeks before the anticipated outdoor planting date.  Muskmelons can be planted outdoors in early May in southern Iowa, mid-May in central Iowa, and late May in northern portions of the state.

Muskmelons and other vine crops are somewhat difficult to transplant.  When starting vine crops indoors, sow seeds in peat pots, peat pellets (Jiffy-7's), or other plantable containers.  Muskmelon seedlings grown in plantable containers suffer little damage during the transplanting process.  As a result, transplanting success is usually high.

Sow 3 to 4 seeds per container.  Later, remove all but 2 seedlings.  Transplant the seedlings outdoors when plants have 1 or 2 true leaves.  Prior to planting, harden (acclimate) the seedlings outdoors for a few days in a shady, protected location to lessen transplant stress.  

Last updated on
March 5, 2022