Can I manage weeds with boiling water?


Can I manage weeds with boiling water?


Pouring boiling water on weeds can be used especially in situations where other plants are not nearby, such as in cracks in patios or sidewalks.   Boiling water will act as a contact "herbicide", killing only the portion of the plant it comes in contact with.  It is most effective on young, newly emerged weeds.

Managing weeds with boiling water is a organic option for weed control.

Be careful to not splash or burn yourself with the boiling water and remember the boiling water will kill both weeds and desirable plants.  A tea kettle is often a good way to safely and precisely apply the boiling water directly to the weed.  Use plenty of water and plan to retreat 7-10 days later as one application rarely kills the entire plant, especially deep-rooted weeds.

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Last updated on
March 19, 2024