Are daylilies edible?


Are daylilies edible?


In addition to their landscape uses, daylily leaves and flowers are edible. Edible materials should be gathered from only those plants that have not been sprayed with any pesticides. 

Three-to five-inch-long young foliage can be simmered or stir-fried (older foliage tends to be stringy and tough). 

Flower buds and blossoms can also be eaten at any stage of growth. The tight buds can be used in salads, boiled, pickled or stir-fried. All stages of bloom, from half-open to day-old, can be eaten deep-fried with a light batter. Petals can be eaten raw right off the plant and have a buttered lettuce flavor. 

Since daylilies can act as a diuretic, it's best to eat them in moderation.

Last updated on
July 1, 2024