Prairie Stature® Oak

 Quercus ×bimundorum 'Midwest' (Prairie Stature® Oak)

Height:                         30-40' (25-30 years of age)

Spread:                        20-30' (25-30 years of age)

Form:                           Pyramidal

Leaf characteristics:  Emerald-green to bluish-green in summer, with shades of orange and red, eventually tan by late fall.

Growth rate:                Moderate (12-14" shoot extension/year)

Winter hardiness:       Completely winter hardy throughout Iowa

Insects/plant pathogens: None of any consequence

Growing site requirements

Full sun and plenty of space to accommodate its mature canopy size.  Well adapted to the range of soil textures and pH found in the upper Midwest.  Symptoms of iron deficiency (chlorosis) have not been reported.


Dr. Todd West (North Dakota State University Plant Improvement Program) in collaboration with Dr. Mark Widrlechner (USDA-ARS North Central Regional Plant Introduction Station, Ames, IA) brought this oak to the marketplace.  Originally thought to be English oak (Quercus robur), but now considered a hybrid between English oak and white oak (Quercus alba).  This tree is best suited to large grounds (yards, parks, sports complexes, and as a residential street tree if ample rooting space is provided and if the tree will receive appropriate pruning to alleviate any future street or sidewalk clearance issues.


Last reviewed:
July 2021

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