Tobacco Rattle Virus Might Be in a Plant Near You

If you are in the market for a new plant, learning what pesky pathogens and pests to look for is a great idea. With a new resource from Iowa State Extension specialists, plant lovers can learn what to avoid buying a new plant to avoid tobacco rattle virus (TRV). 

Although it might sound like a strange type of snake, it is a plant pathogenic virus that affects many plants like Tulips, Daffodil, Hyacinth, Sedum, and many others. There is no treatment for TRV once the plant has been infected, so prevention is key.

Inspect new plants for symptoms before purchasing and planting. Symptoms on leaves can vary from ring spots, wavy lines, mosaic or mottled patterns. For more information on TRV and a (partial) list of plants that can be infected, read the new encyclopedia article on Tobacco Rattle Virus. Keep this and other viruses in mind as you get plants from valentine's day or attend plant sales this spring.

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