New Video Series Explores Derecho Damaged Forests in Iowa

Integrated Pest Management and the Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management has put out a great video series on the impact of the derecho in 2020.

This four-part series is available on the IPM Youtube Channel, and are as follows:

Video 1:  Storm-Damaged Forests: Overview of the 2020 Iowa Derecho

            This ~3-minute video provides a general overview of storm impacts to Midwestern forests, with specific focus on the 2020 Iowa derecho. 

Video 2: Storm-Damaged Forests: Assessment following the Storm

            This ~3-minute video provides a general overview of how to assess and evaluate forests following impactful storm events. Specific topics include: safety, mapping damage extent, types and implications of damage, evaluation of the understory and regeneration, and planning for recovery and resilience. 

Video 3:  Storm-Damaged Forests: Management following the Storm

            This ~3-minute video provides a general overview of forest management actions and recovery strategies following impactful storm events, with emphasis on oak ecosystems. Specific topics include: regaining forest access, forest stand improvement (FSI), salvage harvest, and creating resilient forests. 

Video 4: Storm-Damaged Forests: A Landowner Story of Recovery and Resilience

            This ~5-minute video provides a tour of the Wiley Family’s derecho-impacted forest in Linn County, Iowa. The video covers their specific, yet relatable, situation and provides a general overview of their recovery strategy. Although the Wiley’s sustained seemingly devastating damage, their decades of active forest management represents a model for resiliency. 


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