Use Mosquito Repellents For Temporary Relief

Mosquito season has started and backyard gardening after work is not as much fun as it used to be.  I don’t enjoy feeding the mosquitoes!

Steps to reduce mosquitoes in your backyard will be temporary at best.  Discard, drain, rinse, or fix all items that hold water to stop mosquito breeding.  Spraying or fogging tall grass, shrubs and flower beds with insecticide will provide a brief benefit for a day or two.  These actions will not stop mosquitoes from flying in from adjacent areas. 

The practical alternative for dealing with mosquitoes is to avoid outdoor activity during peak mosquito activity times (one hour before until one hour after sundown), wear light color and loose-fitting clothing, and use personal repellents for short-term protection against mosquito biting. 

Pick the repellent ingredient with a low to moderate concentration of active ingredient that best meets your needs.  Use repellent sparingly to reduce unnecessary or excessive exposure and don’t apply repellent near eyes, on lips, or on broken skin.  Apply to your face by spraying your palm and then spreading the repellent carefully.  Don’t use near food.  Wash repellent off with soap and water when it’s no longer needed.  

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