Plant and Insect Diagnostic Clinic Update – May 11, 2018

The following are highlights and updates about sample submissions from fruit, vegetables, and ornamentals, and questions recently received in the Plant and Insect Diagnostic Clinic. Visit the PIDC's Facebook page for updates and more pictures. For more information on a particular disease or insect problem listed, follow the article cited.

This table lists our most common diagnosis from April 27 to May 11, 2018

Plant Pest/Problem typeDiagnosis (link to encyclopedia article)
Austrian PinePathogens, NematodesPine wilt
Austrian PinePathogens, NematodesSuspected Pine wilt
Colorado Blue Spruce and other blue sprucePathogensStigmina needle cast
Norway SpruceAbiotics Suspected abiotic disorder
ServicePest CategoryIdentification 
Insect IDArthropodsBedbug
Insect ID ArthropodsCarpenter ant (swarmers)


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