Catalog of Beneficial Insect Suppliers

A useful reference for persons seriously interested in the application of beneficial organisms for the biological control of pests is the California Environmental Protection Agency publication titled, "Suppliers of Beneficial Organisms in North America." The latest revision lists 143 private, commercial suppliers that produce 130 different biological control organisms for sale. The list does not include pathogens such as bacteria, fungi, protozoans and viruses.

Single copies of the latest edition are free by writing to the following address:
California Environmental Protection Agency
Environmental Monitoring and Pest Management Branch
1020 N Street, Room 161
Sacramento CA 95814-5624

Request the publication by number and by title:

  • PM97-01: "Suppliers of Beneficial Organisms in North America"

The 32 page booklet can be viewed or downloaded and printed from the World Wide Web (PDF format) at the California EPA website .

There may be regulatory restrictions or permits required for shipment and release of certain organisms into Iowa. For information, contact the Iowa Department of Agriculture, State Entomologist Office, Wallace State Office Building, Des Moines IA 50319.

This article originally appeared in the January 16, 1998 issue, p. 4.


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