New Fungicides and Revised Labels

Several new fungicide products have appeared in the marketplace during the last 6 months, and some significant label changes have occurred, too. A brief summary:

Cleary's Protect T/O. This mancozeb product now has a greatly expanded label for use on landscape plants. It is labeled for control of leaf spots, anthracnoses, blights, scabs, needlecasts, and rusts in over 150 annuals, perennials, ground covers, vines, shrubs, and trees.

Protect T/O and Cleary's 3336 F are the only fungicides labeled for control of Kabatina tip blight of junipers. It is also labeled for a similar juniper tip blight, Phomopsis tip blight. In home landscapes, however, fungicide spraying for these disease seldom makes sense; it is more practical simply to cut off the browned branch tips.

Another point of interest is that Protect T/O is labeled for Diplodia tip blight and brown spot of pines as well as Rhizosphaera needlecast of spruces. Many Iowans have become more concerned about these diseases as wet weather during the last few years has made these diseases increasingly severe. Another labeled fungicide will be a welcome addition to the chemical weapons against these troublesome diseases. Protect T/O is a product of W.A. Cleary Chemical Corporation.

Procure 50 WS. For fruit growers, this is a new sterol biosynthesis inhibitor (SBI) fungicide (that is, it inhibits cell membrane formation by fungi by blocking the formation of ergosterol, a critical building block of fungal membranes). It differs from other sterol inhibitors on the market (Funginex, Nova, Rubigan, Bayleton) in that it is the only one in the imidazole class of chemicals. The chemical name of Procure is triflumazole.

Like other SBI's, Procure has both protectant and eradicant activity, meaning that it can stop target fungi both on the surface of the plant (protectant) and within the plant (eradicant). It is labeled for control of apple scab, cedar rusts, and powderymildew on apples. Like other SBI's, Procure is potentially at risk for development of resistant strains of fungi, so certain use precautions need to be observed (see following article). Procure is a Uniroyal product.

Indar 75 WSP. This fungicide is a protectant material for use on stone fruits (peaches, cherries, apricots, and nectarines) for control of brown rot, cherry leaf spot, and peach scab. This sprectrum of control is similar to that of the fungicides Orbit and Funginex. Indar is a product of Rohm and Haas Co.

Aliette WDG. The label for control of Phytophthora collar rot and root rot on apple and pear trees has been expanded to include bearing trees (it previously was restricted to nonbearing trees).

This article originally appeared in the May 12, 1995 issue, p. 62.


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